Private Labels: A Wise Business Move?

The popularity of private labeling and white labeling is one of the biggest changes in retail product offerings in the past decade. Private label growth is booming as businesses of all types and sizes are clamoring to drive sales to the ever complex and saturated markets in both brick & mortar and online retail. Private labeling and white labeling products allow a brand to remain at top of mind with customers, and the custom labels make a small company look like a larger and more professional organization.

The private labeling concept is very popular within high consumption industries such as food, beverage, and health & beauty. It is accompanied by the explosion of social media influencers who get behind many private labels for larger companies. They are the champions and new “product experts” in the marketing world who are able to breathe life into a new product line for a company that may be experiencing lackluster sales in their standard branded categories.

Private label opportunities for start-up brands should not be over-looked. In this highly competitive market- where new is hard to find NEW companies with NEW brands stand out. Private label and the right mix of social media influencers combined can launch companies that were not on even on the map last year- into multi-million-dollar business enterprises.

“Private label will continue to grow in developed markets as consumers are not reverting to previous shopping behavior. In emerging markets, private-label brands are growing, and this will continue because they are now part of the growth economy.”
-Olivier Deschamps- SVP Retailer Services

PolyGel works with a number of established brands, retailers, and startups who manufacture products under their own name. Our expertise in polymer gel formulations and products focused on the health, beauty, and wellness industries.

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