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Hot & Cold Therapy

Well-Being Improved

PolyGel® understands the need to effectively deliver the benefits of therapeutic levels of cold and heat for maximum effectiveness. PolyGel has designed products that range in use from post-injury recovery, to post-surgery, to general relief from muscle aches and pains to products that help support an active lifestyle or rehabilitation. PolyGel offers several unique gel formulations in an array of delivery options to address a variety of consumer health and wellness concerns.

Our proprietary gel is the ideal medium to deliver both hot and cold treatments. PolyGel has engineered specific formulas for gel packs that offer heat therapy or cold therapy. Many of our innovative products can either be heated in a microwave or chilled in the freezer and will provide long-lasting treatment.

All hot and cold therapy gel products made by PolyGel are constructed from the highest quality materials and fabricated to meet stringent quality control standards.


Previously only available to healthcare professionals, PolyGel offers our finest hot and cold therapy gel products directly to consumers via our two retail brands: FlexiKold and NatraCure. Now customers can experience professional-grade hot and cold therapy treatments in the comfort of their own home.