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Custom Components

Let Us Create the Missing Piece of Your Product Puzzle

PolyGel® excels at custom component design and manufacturing. Our expertise, experience, and commitment to manufacturing innovative, customized components make us the ideal partner for businesses seeking to differentiate their products in today’s crowded marketplace. Our clients work in collaboration with our research and development teams to identify and engineer polymer gel components that complete their product vision. PolyGel is a vertically structured company whose well-defined process provides efficiency from product conception to completion.


Quality products are crucial to ensure the success of our custom components program. From research and development to engineering polymer gel components, our process has been designed to provide our clients with a high-quality finished product.


We leverage our advanced gel technologies with an eye toward innovation. Our gel expertise is the backbone of our R&D team as we identify and create components to bring your product to fruition.


Imagine the ability to form a collaboration best suited to grow your business. We work closely with you at every step in the process. Our goal is to build productive and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Expert Product Consultation For:

  • Prototyping and manufacturing
  • Unique gel formulations designed to address specific product needs
  • Product modifications to meet individualized requirements
  • Distinctive gel components to give products a competitive edge
  • Exclusive product component concepts using soft gel technology

Gel Formulations and Fabrication Capabilities

We are a globally preferred manufacturer and supplier of soft gel thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and medical grade silicone products. Maintaining consistency in soft gel formulations ranging from ultra-low durometers (Shore A-3) to low durometers (Shore A-2) is a reoccurring challenge for many manufacturers, yet this is where we thrive. We specialize in working with clients seeking products that require specific soft gel features. Our experience and production capabilities within our ISO Certified and FDA Approved facilities enable us to provide clients with consistently superior quality products.

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