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Arts & Education

Creativity is Our Core

Arts & Education as a division sustains the PolyGel® corporate message of Improving Well Being, where the products are created as tools for artistic expression contributing to The Art of Well Being. Product inspiration, gel technology expertise, and market knowledge brought about PolyGel’s newest division, with Gel Press as its flagship brand.

When the discipline of science and the art of creativity meet what emerges can be considered truly revolutionary. PolyGel is a company with a long history of bringing these two worlds together and no other product within our family of brands represents this more than the all gel permanent mono-printing plate. PolyGel discovered through research and development a proprietary formula and process to produce a fine art tool that perfected all the benefits, and eliminated the negatives of printing on traditional gelatin.

In today’s crowded market space, it is rare to see a product emerge as completely new and innovative, but this mono-printing plate is just that. PolyGel has collaborated with well-known art industry influencers by customizing the gel printing plate to enhance their consumable product line and continue to push product boundaries and further assert The Art of Well Being.