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COVID-19 Information from PolyGel

PolyGel, like so many companies around the globe, is facing the potential impact of COVID-19.

As concerned global citizens, we must be pro-active and prudent in our business and personal decisions. It is our primary concern that we make the right choices for our employees as well as our customers.

Currently, we intend to deliver the same level of service our customers are accustomed to. Should any service changes become necessary, detailed information will be sent via email as well as posted here on the corporate website. Our primary objective is to limit service disruption to the extent that we are able.

Like many businesses, we have instructed our employees to avoid unnecessary meetings and suspend all travel. This includes having employees scheduled to work from home and maintaining a reduced office staff. Fortunately, the technology we work with today enables us to continue a normal business schedule when we are working remotely. We are absolutely committed to providing uninterrupted communication, so please be assured that you will be able to reach us without experiencing any significant inconvenience.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us- we are here to assist you in any way we can. On behalf of all of us at PolyGel, I wish you and those that you care about the best of health and safety as we all navigate these challenging times. 


All the best,

Lawrence Kersen
PolyGel, LLC.