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A Message from PolyGel Regarding COVID-19

PolyGel, like so many companies around the globe, is facing the potential impact of COVID-19.

As concerned global citizens, we must be pro-active and prudent in our business and personal decisions.
It is our primary concern that we make the right choices for our employees as well as our customers.

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Custom Components

We excel at custom component design and manufacturing. Our expertise, experience, and commitment to manufacturing innovative, customized components, make us the ideal partner for businesses seeking product differentiation.

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Family of Brands

Our global portfolio of Wellness Brands can be found through retail and professional outlets worldwide. These are brands upon which PolyGel has built an independent business with high standards and a dedication to quality.

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Private Label

We team with clients seeking private label products to enhance their brand personality. Clients benefit from selecting items from our existing line of superior soft gel based products and our guidance in developing original product ideas.

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Foot Care

We have been a trusted manufacturer of high quality foot care products for the podiatric community for over 25 years. Every foot care product is engineered for efficacy and infused with a unique blend of natural botanicals, essential oils and ceramides, providing additional skin care benefits. Manufactured in the USA, our gels are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. Our quality foot care brands offer unparalleled value.

Skin Care

At PolyGel®, we take skin care seriously. We’ve been making gel products for the medical community for over 25 years. Our gels, manufactured in the US, are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. Each formula is infused with a unique blend of natural botanicals, essential oils and ceramides which leave the skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. Our quality skin care brands offer unparalleled value.

Hot & Cold Therapy

Our proprietary gel is the ideal medium to deliver both hot and cold therapeutic treatments. We have engineered specific formulas for gel packs that offer hot or cold therapy to consumers through our outstanding brands. Many of our innovative products can either be heated or chilled and will provide long lasting treatments.

Bracing & Support

Our ThermoActive® professional product line provides a reimbursable PDAC approved brace in an innovative bracing system, specifically engineered to deliver bracing support with the added benefit of adjustable compression, providing uniform disbursement of either hot or cold ThermoTherapy™.

Arts & Education

This division sustains our corporate message of Improving Well Being, where the products are created as tools for artistic expression contributing to The Art of Well Being. Product inspiration, gel technology expertise, and market knowledge brought about our newest division, with Gel Press as its flagship brand.


PolyGel excels at producing the finest quality gel materials in FDA and ISO Certified facilities. We have dedicated ourselves to providing a continuous pipeline of innovative and effective products. Our products represent the latest engineering advancements relative to gel products. As gel experts, we combine our knowledge of medical grade TPE, TPU, and SILICONE formulations with our experience and expertise in product manufacturing.

Our global manufacturing capabilities employ the most advanced methodologies and machinery required to support our expertise in molding, extrusion, die-cutting, and dipping. As product innovators, we continually push the boundaries of product development, balancing modernization with a solid R&D foundation. We are committed to offering a broad spectrum of private label retail products, as well as innovative custom component solutions.