GelSmart Introduces Two Forefoot Treatment Options Featuring New Comfort Cushion SmartGel Technology

July 22, 2012 - Whippany, NJ -

PolyGel has received L-Code approval for two new ThermoActive® Plus Knee Supports. ThermoActive® Plus is one of the only product lines in today’s market that combines a high level of support through the use of either a polycentric or range or motion (ROM) hinge with cold or hot compression therapy! This unique combination of compression, heat or cold therapy, and support, provides a total therapeutic device that promotes healing, controls excessive medial/lateral movement, controls edema, and reduces pressure on injured areas. ThermoActive® Plus is ideal for either post-op patients or those requiring more support than a typical off-the-shelf product.

The hinges attach to the support very easily using a convenient hook-and-loop attachment. This allows the hinge to be attached to the precise location and exact angle as required by the patient and allows adjustments to be made very quickly and easily.

The knee supports are available with either a pair of range-of-motion (ROM) hinges or polycentric hinges. The ROM hinges can be adjusted within seconds by changing the settings on the integrated pins. Both extension and flexion can be controlled in 15° increments between 0° and 90° or allow for full range of motion. The polycentric hinges helps track the center of the knee while walking and minimizes excessive flexion and or extension.

The new items and corresponding L-codes are as follows:

Item #  Description  L-Code
6022 POLY SYS Knee Orthosis w/ Polycentric  Hinges L1810
6022 ROM SYS Knee Orthosis w/ ROM Hinges L1832
6023 ROM SYS LG Knee Orthosis w/ ROM Hinges L1832
6037-101-103 LSO Back System L0627
6017 ROM SYS Elbow w/ROM Hinges L3760
6017 POLY SYS Elbow w/Polycentric Hinges L3710
6002 ALUM SYS Functional Wrist System L3908

For further information on ThermoActive® Plus and other PolyGel® Innovative Medical and Health Care Products please call PolyGel at 973-884-8995 or toll free at 1-866-628-7243.