GelSmart Introduces Two Forefoot Treatment Options Featuring New Comfort Cushion SmartGel Technology

May 5, 2013 - Whippany, NJ - GelSmart announced the introduction of two new products intended for treatment of conditions affecting the metatarsal and forefoot. These products join PolyGel's current offering of "new" products manufactured with SmartGel technology, as featured in its latest product catalog.

S-Gel Comfort Gel Skin Thin Forefoot Cushion

Designed to absorb shock and reduce pressure and friction associated with Metatarsalgia, neuromas and subluxed met heads as well as ease ball of foot pain or discomfort, the new Thin Forefoot Cushion has two toe loops to better maintain positioning and prevent sliding. The new C shaped pad follows the natural forefoot anatomy to better re-distribute and ease impact pressure, and can fit either right or left foot.

S-Gel Comfort Gel Skin Arch Band

This patented new design helps reduce pronation, supports the plantar fascia and alleviates inflammation. Made from a fully stretchable, breathable Gel Skin fabric, the new Arch Band is easily pulled over toes and into place.

SmartGel Comfort Cushion is formulated for ultimate shock absorption and durability to off-load pressure, impact shock and shear force with excellent shape retention to extend the product life.

These two new products join the full array of GelSmart solutions for metatarsal and forefoot, including the S-Gel Met Pad w/Toe Separator, M-Gel Comfort Gel Skin Forefoot Cushion w/Strap, T-Gel Forefoot Relief Pad, and many more. The GelSmart line of gel-based quality medical and skincare products provides treatment options to successfully relieve common lower and upper extremity ailments.

More about GelSmart

GelSmart has been a driving force in the global medical and skincare market for over 20 years, bringing quality gel-based products to the healthcare professional and patients worldwide. GelSmart was recently awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and takes pride in this recognition as an industry leader. GelSmart, a division of PolyGel, LLC, is a privately held company based in Whippany, NJ. For more information, contact, or visit